Exhibition Castle gardeners in the Arboretum Volčji Potok

Published: 31.08.2023

From September 1 to December 31, 2023, the exhibition About the Castle Gardeners is hosted in the Gallery under the arcades in the Arboretum Volčji Potok.

The author of the exhibition is Peter Rojc. The exhibition was created in co-organization with the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, the Menačnik homestead in Domžale, Photo Kino Video Klub Mavrica Radomlje and the Arboretum Volčji Potok.

The exhibition shows the interesting stories of the Rojc family from Hudo near Radomlje, which are revealed through the rich house archive and family tree. The title of the exhibition tells us that the members of the Rojc family arranged the gardens and parks in Souvan Park in Volčji Potok (today Arboretum Volčji Potok), at the castle Novo Celje and Miramar manor houses near Trieste, and last but not least, the gardens in the Volčji Potok Arboretum and under the Zaprice Castle in Kamnik. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, where it was presented for the first time in 2020. At the initiative of the author Peter Rojc, the exhibition with enriched material (with the professional and technical support of Photo Kino Video Klub Mavrica Radomlje) was also hosted in Domžale at the Menačenk Homestead exhibition site and in the local cultural center of Radomlje. This time it is again presented in a different light in the Arboretum Volčji Potok, where, in fact, the family gardening story began.

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