Vitomir Čop: Lack of Coins during World War I.

Rudolf Maister’s Birthplace
When: 18.09.2019, from 19:00 to 20:00

Coins, a small monetary unit that was sometimes harassed in our wallets and pockets, caused a lot of problems during the First World War in Austria-Hungary and even led to absurd situations: “You had a banknote in your pocket to buy a bread, but you get only piece of bread, “says the author of this lecture, renowned numismatist, researcher Vitomir Čop. Why, during the Great War, the coins lacked and they use also stamps instead of money, what kind of crisis this situation caused in Austria-Hungary and what it was all about, this time you will find out at Maister’s birthhouse. And also, about what the coins really means, what kind of monetary system Austria-Hungary had before the outbreak of the Great War, how the embarrassment was dealt with; all of this in close connection with the historical circumstances that also stamped his mark.

Vitomir Čop is numismatic and secretary of the Numismatic Society of Slovenia. He started dealing with numismatics as a primary schoolboy. Over the years, curiosity, enthusiasm and interest have grown and grown into a serious topic. He has, among other things, edited various publications of the Numismatic Society of Slovenia, such as the Journal and the Numismatic Journal. He later took over the editing of the Numismatic Society’s website, and since 2007 has represented the Society on the Bank of Slovenia’s commemorative coin commission. He also participates in exhibitions of the Numismatic Society of Slovenia and with the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia. He wrote his insights and discoveries on this subject in the book: Slovenian Coins and Banknotes.