Summer time at Intermunicipal museum Kamnik

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When: from 01.07.2022, 00:00 to 31.08.2022, 00:00

You can also feel the sea breeze and sea motifs at the exhibitions in the Intermunicipal museum Kamnik. We have prepared quite a few new occasional and visiting exhibitions for you. Combined tickets are also available for two or all three units, which are more affordable.

You are welcome.


MUSEUM – ZAPRICE CASTLE, Muzejska pot 3, Kamnik

Visiting exhibition                                                                                                                                                      

Slovenian ships and the ship Kamnik


Maritime Museum Sergej Mašera Piran presents

seven ships of the General Navigation, including the ship Kamnik,

who sailed the world’s seas for almost 35 years.


Occasional exhibition

Miha Maleš – Piran motifs                                                                                                             


Miha Maleš introduces himself to us with colourful monotypes

and small engravings of Piran with its immediate and wider surroundings.

Piran was a place where painters and graphic artists returned each

summer, from 1955, when he first rented and later bought

house on Punta.


Permanent exhibitions

Stories in stone, Granaries from Tuhinj valley,                                                                    

Reflections of the Kamnik’ s millennia,

Velika planina, Kamnik burghers,

Thonet furniture,

History of Zaprice Castle

Take a walk through the history of the town of Kamnik and the surrounding area.




Visiting exhibition                                                                        

Landscape & Identity


The Landscape & Identity exhibition is the result of many years

collecting Slovenian house and ice names in Austria

Carinthia, whose initiators were Slovenian local

cultural associations and interest communities.


Permanent exhibition                                                                                                          

Rudolf Maister – general, patriot, poet and bibliophile 


The exhibition in Maister’s birth house tells a life story

the story of the general and his time, and of his

still a strong influence on Slovenes.


GALLERY VIEW, Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik

Occasional exhibition                                                           

Marta Bartolj and Andreja Pogačar – Passages


An exhibition where illustrations and different sizes come together

lamps made of waste paper (personal notes,

holders of past stories).



GALLERY MIHA MALEŠ, Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik

Visiting exhibition                                                                                      

Božidar Jakac – timeless artist


On display are Jakac’s works, which are kept in the Dolenjska Museum

and Jakčev dom in Novo mesto. He was excellent draftsman,

graphic artist and painter of pastels and oil paintings,

but he also created illustrations and other genres of everything

to brand design.


Permanent exhibition                                                                             

Miha Maleš – poetic painter


Miha Maleš is a big name in Slovenian art. It’s one

central, versatile personalities of Slovenian fine arts,

in addition to its diverse artistic pursuits, it is also marked by it

the other side of his character. He was also a great collector

works of art, initiator and leader of an art group

Fourth generation, art organizer and publicist.


Permanent exhibition                                     

Kamnik’ s artists and artists related to Kamnik


On the second floor of the gallery there is a permanent exhibition,

which represents the artistic creativity of Kamnik and s

Kamnik-related artists of the 19th and 20th centuries

in the field of sculpture, painting, graphics, etc.



Special summer events such as concerts, public guided tours and exhibition openings will be announced later. Follow us on the website