Public guided tour of the exhibition and a conversation with the artist – Ivo Mršnik

Gallery Miha Maleš
When: 23.01.2020, from 18:00 to 19:00

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the prominent Slovenian artist Ivo Mršnik

The exbhibition Some lines and some dots bring a selection of drawings and prints from all periods of Mršnik’s creation, and a catalogue with lucid insight into Mršnik’s creation under the keys of exhibition curator Sasa Bučan has been published. She summed it up in the introduction: “The dot, the line, the addition, the subtraction, the concentration and the reduction. A world of black and white, the intensities of black on white. Ivo Mršnik will rarely find colour. Ever since his creative beginnings in the 1980s, he has embarked on his artistic journey and consciously sealed his relationship with the visual arts: he has committed himself to dots, lines, lines and has almost completely given up colour. ”

The exhibition curator Saša Bučan will be with you and the artist Ivo Mršnik.

The exhibition will be on view until May 14, 2020.