Graphic art workshop for children and adults with Miha Erič

Gallery Miha Maleš
When: 25.09.2019, from 17:00 to 20:00

Under the mentorship of academic artist Miha Erič, you will learn the basics of graphic techniques, tool presentation and working methods, die cutting and printing on graphic paper. All material is provided to the workshop participants, as well as more prints of their graphics and stencil.

Workshop price: 25,00 € / person

Required applications to e-mail:

The minimum number for the workshop is 6 people.

The number of places is limited (12).

The theoretical part will cover the history of the press, the importance of reproduction of the image, graphics as crafts and arts, and the development of graphics in different periods and cultures.

The practical part will consist of a direct presentation of the tool and method of work (press, carving knives, paint, linoleum, paper, roller). This is followed by the conceptual design of the final graphic work of each participant of the workshop, the development of the idea and imagination and the sketch. The workshop will also include direct carving into the linoleum matrix and printing under a graphic press on graphical printing paper with the final specific signature of the graphic. All of you will receive, in addition to individual proofreading, all the necessary materials for the production of your graphics – more prints, which you can then take home with the matrix.

Workshop Mentor:

Miha Erič is an academic graphic artist, illustrator and musician. He is the author of numerous solo and group art exhibitions at home and abroad. He creates in realistic techniques, especially in graphics (linocut and woodcut), in his work takes into account the experience of both traditional and contemporary practice. The author is interested in tiny random traces in which he sees the simple immediacy of the creation of artistic compositional diversity and colour impression.

Looking forward to meeting you!