Decorative plate, ceramics, around 1900

Published: 24.10.2018

Decorative plate with a motif of flowers with butterfly, slightly embossed on a gray relief background. At the bottom of the brand Schütz Cilli 619.

The Schütz family began producing ceramics in 1852. The family business was located in Olomoucani near Blansko in Moravia. The carriers of the company were father Karl and sons Ludwig (chemist) and Arnold (lawyer), but the driving force was Ludwig. He sought to expand and complement the existing offer of peasant whitening ceramics. In 1870, the need for suitable clays for upgrading the previous production was brought to Savinjska dolina, and in this way the production of whitening ceramics with the brand Schütz Cilli began in Liboje near Celje.