City coats of arms on Kamnik majolica

Published: 18.01.2021

In 1956, Marica Ftičar started working in the ceramic department of the Chemical Industry. She started painting majolica again and soon got the status of a quality souvenir.
Božo Račič – Kume, an enthusiast from Bela Krajina, started working with the department. He was a teacher and principal of the primary school in Adlešiči in Bela Krajina. In his free time, he enthusiastically collected ethnographic material from all over Slovenia: data on folk art and local crafts. Since the Kamnik majolica was very close to his heart, he organized the sale of these vessels throughout Slovenia and also in the wider former homeland of Yugoslavia – through the shop Dom in Ljubljana, which sold Slovenian souvenirs and gifts. He systematically collected the coats of arms of Slovenian towns and drew them as suggestions for Kamnik painters. In several years, the most complete collection of coats of arms of Slovenian and Yugoslav cities and squares was created in the Kamnik painting workshop. Supervisors were also very pleased with this business idea. They were only bothered by the financial gap between the investment – time-consuming manual work – and the proceeds for the final product.

Prepared by: Marko Kumer