Branko Uršič, Bamboo Armchair, 1977

Published: 30.11.2022

The Bamboo armchair, designed by the Slovenian designer Branko Uršič for the Stol Kamnik factory, is made of beech wood and bamboo mesh. The design and prototype of the armchair were made in 1977, and the Stol Kamnik factory started producing it regularly from 1980.

The use of round bars made of solid beech wood offered new design possibilities. In the case of the Bamboo armchair, the sides consist of round sticks glued in the corners, which gave the shape of a full upright rectangle, which indicates an extremely clean design. The seat and backrest are made of woven bamboo mesh and curved in one piece with a wooden frame.

Branko Uršič got a job at the Stol Kamnik factory in 1962, when he worked with the leading architect and designer Niko Kralj. He soon took over as the lead designer. At the beginning of his creative journey, Uršič had to adapt to the technical capabilities of production. However, the Stol factory was one of the few furniture factories that introduced design into production processes with new technological procedures. Uršič’s chairs have a touch of Scandinavian design, they are characterized above all by the harmony of proportions, colours and materials and almost completely achieved usability.