Bones of a cave bear, Mokriška jama, 30.000 BC.

Published: 20.02.2023

The Mokriška cave is located 1500 m above sea level, below Mokrica (1853 m). In addition to archaeological artifacts (stone and bone tools left behind by man), it is known for many bear bones. That is why it is also called Medvedova jama. They were already found in 1837 by Henrik Freyer, curator of the Provincial Museum in Ljubljana. According to recent research, these are not the bones of cave bears (Ursus speleus), but the bones of a bigger species, Ursus ingressus. The exhibition Reflections of Kamnik Millennia presents the bones that came to the Kamnik Museum from Sadnikar’s collection.

Bears had dens in caves for winter hibernation. Due to the harsh living conditions, many of them died, especially the cubs. In the early spring months, people used dead animals for food, and their bones were used as raw material for making tools and weapons, as well as musical instruments.