Announcement of a new exhibition - Slovenian majolica

Published: 11.11.2020

The last preparations are underway for the installation of the new exhibition Slovenian Majolica, which is the result of the joint work of experts from the National Museum of Slovenia, the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik and with the help of Irena Radej.

Majolica has a special status in the Slovenian tradition. It has become, so to speak, a mythological object, closely connected with the identity of the Slovene nation. As a symbol of good and happy company, it is sung by folk songs. Many people know the handles for wine – majolica, products of folk potters. The best known are those made by the Svit Kamnik ceramic factory from the beginning of the 1950s until the end of its existence in 2008.

The exhibition presents majolica in two ways: as a ceramic technique and as a form of a special vessel intended for drinking wine. As many as 188 objects from both museums, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, will be on display.

We believe that, despite the various virtual ways of viewing the exhibition, you will also be able to see the exhibition live, as it will be on view until May 2022. We will also prepare an interesting accompanying program.