60 years of the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik

Published: 06.01.2021

This year, the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Otherwise, the first idea of establishing a museum in Kamnik appeared in 1954, with measures to protect private collection of Josip Sadnikar. In fact, the museum was founded in 1961.

On March 29, 1961, the Council for Education and Culture of the Municipal People’s Committee of Kamnik adopted a decision on the establishment of a general museum. The Kamnik Museum was finally established by a decision of the Kamnik Municipal People’s Committee on 4 December 1961. On the basis of the Act on the Realization of the Public Interest in Culture, the Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum was established in 2004 as a legal successor, established by the Municipality of Kamnik, Komenda and Trzin.

The museum is the only public institution that takes care of the protection, preservation and presentation of movable cultural heritage in the wider Kamnik area and is entered in the register of authorized museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. Our task is to preserve the past and semi-past cultural heritage for future generations in an interesting and attractive way. At the same time, the museum is also a meeting place for different generations, searching for and transmitting new knowledge and skills related to the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors.

And what we are preparing for the anniversary of the museum.

The exhibition From Castle to Museum will present the history of the development of Zaprice Castle, from the Romanesque tower to the Baroque building, as well as the history of the museum in its 60s. In the town of Kamnik, there will be a billboard exhibition of 60 years of the museum – 60 museum stories about objects that we keep in our collections. Individual interesting stories and novelties will be presented at museum evenings, museum summer nights, and in the autumn the festive year will end with a gala academy.

Celebrate with us.